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Crucolina - Cheese with apples from Trentino
Semi-fat and semi-hard cheese made with selected high quality Italian cow milk derived from Bruna Alpina race, from the mountain barns collocated at the altitude of over 500 meters in the area of northern Garda Lake. During the cutting of the rennet the organic agriculture apples exclusively from Trentino are added. Due to the craft nature of the prduct, the rind is irregular and in the paste one can see pieces of apples. The product has a sweet taste and delicate smell of the essence of mountain meadows. The aging process of Crucolina is 30 days. It is perfect with aplle chutney and a good raisin wine.

Ingredients: milk, salt, rennet, dried apples from organic agriculture 0,2%, flavourings, lactic bacteria.
Non-edible rind.
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