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Our territory, our history,
our passion for a unique product
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Un viaggio in Trentino - small
From Lagorai mountains to Garda Lake. A route in our territory, in our history, in our passion for a unique product. 

One box contains:
Dolce Imperiale 750g
Parampampoli 1 l
Salami 500g 
Speck heart piece 400g
Crucolina 400g
Crucolo cheese  the tastiest400g

Dolce Imperiale - wheat flour, candied "Susina di DRO PDO"  25,9% (plums, sugar, glucose syrup), fresh free range egg yolk, extra-virgin olive oil 8,1%, water, cane sugar, culture yeast (wheat flour, water), orange rinds candied and minced 2,8% (orange rinds, glucose syrup, sugar), italian honey, emulsifiers: .mono- and di- glycerides of fatty acids, salt, natural flavouring (vanilla pods).
Manufactured in a factory where we work with dried fruits, tree nuts, milk and soya.

Parampampoli - good taste alcohol, sugar, wine, coffee extract, honey, natural flavourings

Salami 500g - national pigmeat, salt, dextrose, flavourings, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate (E301), preservatives: sodium nitrite (E250), potassium nitrate (E252).
Gluten free and derivatives of milk free

Speck 400g -pig legs, salt, dextrose, saccharose, spices, natural falvourings, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate (E301), preservatives: sodium nitrite (E250), potassium nitrate (E252). 
Gluten-free and milk derivatives free. 

Crucolina - milk, salt, rennet, dried apples from organic agriculture 0,2%, flavourings, lactic bacteria. Non-edible rind.

Crucolo Cheese the tastiest 400g -  milk
, ferments, salt, rennet. Non-edible rind.
€ 75,00


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