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Crucolo Speck Gift Box
This box contains one Crucolo National Speck with net put on hay from Val Campelle - all in a perfect gift box. 

Crucolo National Speck is a charcuterie product made from accurately selected pig's legs that come from national breedings and slaughterhouses. After the sectioning comes salting and traditional smoking with beechwood. Speck maturates for 150 days. This product has an aromatic and spiced sent and its flavour can be described as pleasantly sapid and slightly smoked. 

Ingredients: National pig legs, salt, dextrose, saccharose, spices, natural flavourings, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate (E301), preservatives: sodium nitrite (E250), potassium nitrate (E252).
Gluten free and derivatives of milk free
€ 120,00


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